about us

Here is a little history about our company

The No1 private hire company, serving Windsor and Slough for over 45 years in Windsor and surrounding areas. Our experience in commercial travel is second to none and we are always confident that our customers will arrive at their destination, comfortably and free from stress, aided by a combination of our drivers and use of the latest computerised data and dispatch booking system. All our vehicles have sat-nav, text-back & call-back facility (meaning no more waiting in the rain).

Our quality service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, making it one of the most versatile taxi services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area. With our availability to you 24 hours a day, you can rely on your private hire taxi company and rest assured that reaching your destination is only a short phone call away. We are immensely proud of our ability to provide a very reputable service to both private and business clients. All our drivers are CRB checked and many have passed their taxi driver BTEC exam so they can provide a highly professional standard of service.

All our vehicles are regularly checked and are MoT examined twice a year by the local authorities, to ensure they are well maintained to regulatory standards and we check them to be sure they are of the standard you expect. Dependability, reliability and excellent service are our strengths. We take the care that gets you there.

Our services include:

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Modern fleet of vehicles (including saloons, estates and MVPs)
  • Fully licensed drivers and vehicles (local authority)
  • BTEC qualified drivers and CRB checked
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Professional 24 hour courier service
  • Meet and Greet service (from all UK airports)
  • Corporate Business Accounts facilities
  • Executive cars for that special occasion
  • Text-Back (we text you the vehicle registration details on dispatch to you and its arrival)
  • Call-Back (your home telephone will ring 3 times letting you know the taxi is waiting outside)
  • Clearly marked vehicles to confirm identification

Passenger Saftety

We understand the problems passengers face (especially lone women travelling at night) from bogus and unlicensed taxi drivers. This is why we offer our customers a free Text-Back service.

How it works

We send a FREE text message to your mobile phone detailing the type of vehicle (make/model), its registration number and its colour. This message is sent when your taxi is dispatched and when it arrives at your pick up point. We introduced this service to ensure complete safety and peace of mind for our customers.

Our Safety tips

Always pre-book your cab – never get into a cab which you did not pre-book. Always check that you are getting into the right taxi by looking and checking its signage (we are 511 Viking!). Ask for Text-Back when you ring to book. If in any doubt; call our office and check – our staff are always there to help. Our aim is to ensure our company and our cars are always operated in a highly professional manner and that the correct standards of safety and comfort are satisfied by all our vehicles, drivers and operators. We are committed to providing a quality transport service within the private hire trade. The overriding principle of 511 Viking is the safety of our clients and the travelling public.

How many passengers can we carry?

Simple private hire vehicles (family saloons etc.) can carry four passengers, while people carriers can take up to eight passengers. The private hire licence plate (located on the rear of the vehicle) will clearly state how many passengers can be carried.

How much will the fare cost?

The fares are based on mileage and can be calculated by the operator or the driver. You can agree your fare with the operator/driver before booking or getting in the vehicle.

What about safeguards?

All local authority licensed drivers have been fully vetted. All vehicles have undergone and passed stringent tests to ensure their roadworthiness compliance with the current licensing conditions before a licence is issued.

Executive Cars

We have a range of executive cars for that special occasion. Inform the 511 Viking Cars’ operators when you make your booking and they can advise the likely cost.